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Would you agree, that after spending time in nature, we feel a bit better? I'm no expert in order to give you scientific facts, but I know what I feel after an hour or so in the outdoors, and its all GOOD! I would go as far as saying that we NEED to make time to explore nature more now than ever before. We NEED that balance, or else we are going to burn out, more so for us city-folk (yes I'm from the city...Sydney in-fact). As we are moving into such a fast-paced lifestyle with ever-evolving technology, trying to juggle our careers and our family life, most of us don't get time to do anything really beneficial for ourselves apart from doing what is expected to get through our daily routine, on a daily basis. Ok, so here is where we need to draw the line....get out, put your barefeet on that grass, go and smell that blooming rose in your backyard (that's if you have a garden or even a rose-bush and if you don't - plant one!). Much research has proved that contact with nature is extremely beneficial, leading to improvements in moods, cognition and health (less stress, less anger, more energy, more happiness - PERFECT RECIPE, don't you think?). So now that we know this, we are aware, what do we do? We need to make an effort to include short nature escapes into our lives. Even if its for an hour per day, or a week-long holiday retreat! Its no wonder, I have over 4 organisations booking the villa for 2020 to hold their wellness retreats, and the number is growing yearly. They tell me that the villa is perfect and in the perfect location, completely surrounded by nature, in an area well known for Cypriot native flora and fauna. If retreats aren't your thing, you can always stay at the villa and arrange to explore our gorgeous nature trails on your own, with your friends and family. There are a few nature trail guides available to take you on a private tour. One such, which I highly recommend is The Cyprus Hobbit. Check out their website for further info Please, don't delay in increasing your daily dose of nature therapy - its crucial for our overall well-being, most importantly our health, happiness and sanity. Stay healthy and happy beautiful people - until next time....Christina x

P.s Santa Marina Villa has availability after October 30th 2019, which is the perfect season for exploring the area, as its cooler weather, leaving you with more energy to explore. Please enquire via email for our special deal packages (including pool-heating).

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The Tilted Olive Tree - St.George, Pegeia

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